War virus .. in Xi Jinping. Supreme People’s Court: mass killing of coronavirus patients in China

Prima uscita pubblica per Xi Jinping, per lui mascherina e controllo febbre
Western media ride the TIGER. Endless lies create deep convictions, false Truths in the minds of junk news users. It seems that the virus did not develop naturally (at the fish market) but was created in the laboratory, moreover it is lethal (casually) in particular on the oriental peoples. All this serves to create the Monster: Government and, by extension, all the Chinese Communist people who are with the government .. thus worthy of all evil; perhaps of a war, because of their wickedness … just when China was taking the lead on planet earth .. this mysterious (but not so much) .. providential, or predictable – “unexpected” arrives
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    The non-existent hero, Wuhan’s doctor.
    The virus created in the laboratory .. by whom?
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The virus created in the laboratory could mutate dangerously, however for now it seems under control and the blocking of flights seems excessive for a disease that reaps fewer victims of any flu epidemic, in the world much more than in the places of origin.

Coronavirus, China: President Xi visits a hospital for the first time. Conte would have already fled to Cape Verde, using the famous Schettino tactic.

The Chinese are quite determined types, as well as pragmatic:

China’s highest court level, the Supreme People’s Court, is expected to give approval Friday for the mass killing of coronavirus patients in China as a safe means of controlling the spread of the deadly virus.

The state tells the court that China is on the verge of losing its health workers because of Coronavirus as at least 20 health workers contract the virus every day. The state claims that hospitalized coronavirus patients only have a delay in death and infect many others while receiving hospital treatment.



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