george soros (right) with the 15th most reliable Italian friend

Many talk about it, 
here are some sources that frame better “PROBLEM” :

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The “list” Soros: first hidden then flown –         (from the simplicissimus )
Sometimes, indeed increasingly, the real news is not that in itself, but the circumstances and the timing at which it is aimed, without forgetting the cultural context of the person who rides. These days, for example, traveling on the network a list of 226 MEPs that George Soros and his Open Society , would be “reliable” thing that makes sense belonging to a globalist opaque governance project. The news was given by the first 
Wall Street Journal with the laudatory title “George Soros seeks support in the EU Parliament from the ranks of the Democratic Party” 
and immediately passed to the gossiparo Dagospia , none other than Maria Giovanna Maglie (*) , preclaro example of an owner journalism, then resulted in the tv appearances from hair and makeup after the known mishaps.
The news would seem tempting because of the army sorosiano include not only people like Martin Schulz until recently president of the assembly, not only many vice-presidents and heads of commission, but also 14 Italian deputies all belonging to the Democratic Party (Brando Maria Benifei Sergio Cofferati, Cecilia Kyenge, Alessia Mosca, Andrea Cozzolino, Elena Gentile, Roberto Gualtieri, Isabella De Monte, Luigi Morgano, Pier Antonio Panzeri, Gianni Pittella, Elena Schlein, Daniele Viotti), except Barbara Spinelli of Tsipras list that is a whole program. And oh well.But the news is not all this, is the fact that the famous list was released in August of 2016 when DC Leaks succeeded in cracking thousands of documents of the Open Society, and has been published in many sites, the far-right preference as, just to give an example, this (**) . So it was perfectly known for a long time. 
For over a year, however, we have not heard anythingperhaps because the “Republican” information did not like anyone to know about, given that Soros is not exactly the Pride of the Yankees and is accused of trying to destroy Europe because of immigration, but there comes now, as a sensational scoop, while preparing the election campaign and the pathetic Renzi walks around with a train, while Salvini and Berlusconi going crazy again in the hope of returning to dine elegantly. The reasons for this are obvious when you read this reliability decreed by Soros is related only to the immigration problem and not sure how it would be obvious to anyone, the mainstream of the Hungarian American billionaire, who is the assertion of policies anywhere liberal. In short, by the Wall Street Journal in the Italian edition, 
The fact is that the hidden document and now flaunted comes after comedians among foundations and NGOs magnate with the Orban regime, after Brexit and the great fear in France, comes after the elections in Austria and Germany, it comes after that continental oligarchy has changed strategy and identified immigration as a possible outlet to prevent social compression implemented across the continent ends to derail his plans of authoritarian political settlement and disintegration of states as guarantors of residual citizenship.

Long live well the belly, the archaic and pre-political instinct, moreover stimulated by the inaction of governments if not in repressive form as long as the tensions and problems due to the impoverishment of large masses do not grow to the point of rupture or persons and no classes may fuse into a political project : time staff now in charge of embodying these moods it can be easily reported to the order if the case were to tralignare from neo-liberalism, indeed it can make enjoying greater consensus. And that’s why the list kept hidden for almost a year and a half now makes her look good on the page. Besides allows globalist oligarchs from marketing xenophobia as a direct result of sovereignty that is opposed to monopoly capitalism and Monopoly.                 source, LINK : here

(*) (…)The Maglie was correspondent of TG2 from New York, but she resigned following the scandal caused by the alleged inflated expense claims. The correspondence office would submit in a year and a half with a bill of 10 billion pounds of total expenditure, the allegations were unfounded and archived after a few months at the request of the prosecutor and the decision of the preliminary hearing judge in the summer of 1994.( …)  In 2015 due to non-payment all’Inpgi (nation’s Pension Fund of Italian journalists) the royalties rental house in Parioli, where the journalist lived between 2010 and 2011 of a request for repossession by the Institute that He obtained by the Court two execution orders for the seizure of all property within the home, including two paintings worth about EUR 48 thousand that former rAI journalist had disappeared before the arrival of the bailiff at that point inevitably takes the complaint to the attorney with the next process, where the shirts are on trial before the public prosecutor Paola Giordano for failure to comply with an court order. (…)
(f shame and wikip .: LINK: here)
 Article Dagospia LINK ;  HERE


here are our heroes! .. are almost all young, PhD .. the result of a company being piddini whose imminent demise does not regret; There is then some sailed horse (not in the sense of nag) the apparatus of even extreme old Left ( GUE / NGL) .. so to speak .. which he has not yet fully realized, according to their unlimited … ? Expectations ..:
S & D
Benifei Brando Maria (Italy)  link : wikipedia
COFFERATI Sergio Gaetano (Italy) link :  wikipedia
COZZOLINO Andrea (Italy)  link :  wikipedia
DE MONTE Isabella (Italy)  link : wikipedia
GENTILE Elena (Italy) link :  wikipedia
GUALTIERI Roberto (Italy) link :  wikipedia
KYENGE Kashetu (Italy) link : wikipedia
MORGANO Luigi (Italy) link :  wikipedia
MOSCOW Alessia Maria (Italy) link :  wikipedia
PANZERI Pier Antonio (Italy) link :  wikipedia
PITTELLA Gianni (Italy) link :  wikipedia
SCHLEIN Elena Ethel (Italy) link : wikipedia 
VIOTTI Daniele (Italy) link :  wikipedia


SPINELLI Barbara (Italy)  Link here
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50 years ago .. another “training” ..
.. the Italian national team and  the debut of
Gigi Riva (3 goals) against Cyprus  LINK :  here
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the site dcleaks , called Friend of Russia by Affaritaliani LINK:  here

the AI intervention provides interesting insights:

The majority of deputies of the Democratic Party is
Known and unknown names. Certainly people like Sergio Cofferati are known to the Italian public, but to weigh in Strasbourg are others like Roberto Gualtieri . As president of the Commission Economic and Monetary Affairs it is able to influence decisions on the Union’s economic policy. Or Gianni Pittella , President of the Socialist Group all’Eurocamera, which has fought to Antonio Tajani the presidency of the EU parliament.
Soros look to the left of the political spectrum
One thing is certain, Soros likes to left-wing politicians, and those to the left of the left. Yeah, because if it is true that among those of Forza Italy Northern League and there is not even a name, it is also true that in the check list to Barbara Spinelli , belonging to Gue, the radical left. But the former Democratic Party, as Antonio Panzeri, Sergio Cofferati and Elly Schlein who for various reasons have dropped out of the Democratic Party to follow its own path. Pazeri led the frond during the referendum vote and founded by Paolucci and Zanonato the MDP core in Strasbourg. Schlein followed Civati in his self-exile from the Democratic Party. And Cofferati is simply tired of the internal squabbles in the party at the time of the Ligurian primary and preferred to get out of it.
The political plan of Soros
But the question is, why George Soros, a financier with a callous never seen before, able to speculate and win at any cost, look to the left (even radical) European? The reason is that his Open Society, as mentioned at the beginning, has as its primary objective to “financial support for the civil society groups around the world, with the stated aim of promoting justice, education, health public and independent media “(cit. Wikipedia). Values ​​more neighboring area of ​​center-left.
Soros and the battle against Hungarian government
But there is the other. In Europe Soros finances associations that oppose the policy of the President of Hungary, Viktor Orban, Member of the European People’s Party. Here then he explained why none of the center-right in Europe has been trusted for Soros analysts. The Orban himself is waging a battle against the American billionaire accused of trying to interfere in domestic issues. And the Hungarian government has recently passed a law to close the university tycoon Use.
The question of migrants

And then there are the migrants. For Orban and the states of Visegard Group (Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia) should be rejected in the Mediterranean, while Soros Europe must look at a model of openness and breaking down of frontiers. A project that does turn up their noses a lot. And finally there is Russia, the likely ghostplayer DCLeaks site. Moscow is closer to the countries of Eastern Europe, particularly Hungary and when Orban can help to discredit an enemy and attack Europe is only too happy to do so.         source , link: here
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interesting insights voxnews : LINK :  here
and libreidee   LINK: Here  
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.. supposing that there is still someone who considers the behavior of Mr. soros rather citified …

linkOrban and link : Putin

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after OUR (early on) , the complete list:

(**) This lists the 226 MEPs (out of 750) who Open Society Foundation consider to be “proven or Likely Open Society allies”.
ADAKTUSSON Lars (Sweden)
ALLIOT-MARIE Michèle (France)
BROK Elmar (Germany)
BUDA Daniel (Romania)
CADEC Alain (France)
Anna Maria Corazza Bildt (Sweden)
ENGEL Frank (Luxemburg)
FISAS Ayxela Santiago (Spain)
FJELLNER Christofer (Sweden)
GABRIEL Mariya (Bulgaria)
GRZYB Andrzej (Poland)
HAYES Brian (Ireland)
HÖKMARK Gunnar (Sweden)
Danuta Jazłowiecka (Poland)
KELLY Séan (Ireland)
KOVATCHEV Andrey (Bulgaria)
Kozlowska-RAJEWICZ Agnieszka (Poland)
LAMASSOURE Alain (France)
MACOVEI Monica (Romania)
Mairead McGUINNESS (Ireland)
METSOLA Roberta (Malta)
MORIN-CHARTIER Elisabeth (France)
PIETIKÄINEN Sirpa (Finland)
Cristian Dan PREDA (Romania)
ROLIN Claude (Belgium)
SARVAMAA Petri (Finland)
THEOCHAROUS Eleni (Cyprus)
Róza Gräfin von THUN UND HOHENSTEIN (Poland)
VALEAN Adina-Ioana (Romania)
Lambert van Nistelrooij (Netherlands)
VIRKKUNEN Henna (Finland)
WEBER Renate (Romania)
WINKLER Iuliu (Romania)
S & D
ARENA Maria (Belgium)
BALAS Guillaume (France)
BAYET Hugues (Belgium)
Benifei Brando Maria (Italy)
BORZAN Biljana (Croatia)
BRANNEN Paul (United Kingdom)
COFFERATI Sergio Gaetano (Italy)
COZZOLINO Andrea (Italy)
CRETU Corina (Romania)
CRISTEA Andi-Lucian (Romania)
DALLI Miriam (Malta)
DANCE Seb (United Kingdom)
DE MONTE Isabella (Italy)
Mady Delvaux-STEHRES (Luxembourg)
DODDS Anneliese (United Kingdom)
DRAGHICI Damian (Romania)
ERTUG Ismail (Germany)
FAJON Tanja (Slovenia)
FERREIRA Elisa (Portugal)
Monika Flašíková Beňová (Slovakia)
FREUND Eugen (Austria)
GARCÍA-PÉREZ Iratxe (Spain)
GEBHARDT Evelyne (Germany)
GENTILE Elena (Italy)
GERINGER de OEDENBERG Lidia Joanna (Poland)
GOMES Ana (Portugal)
GROOTE Matthias (Germany)
GUALTIERI Roberto (Italy)
GUERRERO SALOM Enrique (Spain)
GUILLAUME Sylvie (France)
HOFFMANN Iris (Germany)
HOWITT Richard (United Kingdom)
IOTOVA Iliana (Bulgaria)
JONGERIUS Agnes (Netherlands)
KHAN Afzal (United Kingdom)
KIRTON-DARLING Jude (United Kingdom)
KREHL Constanze (Germany)
Kumpula-Natri Miapetra (Finland)
KYENGE Kashetu (Italy)
KYRKOS Miltiadis (Greece)
LANGE Bernd (Germany)
LEINEN Jo (Germany)
LIBERADZKI Boguslaw (Poland)
Juan Fernando LOPEZ AGUILAR (Spain)
LUDVIGSSON Olle (Sweden)
MARTIN David (France)
MARTIN Édouard (United Kingdom)
McAVAN Linda (United Kingdom)
MOISA Ionel-Sorin (Romania)
MOODY Clare (United Kingdom)
MORAES Claude (United Kingdom)
MORGANO Luigi (Italy)
MOSCOW Alessia Maria (Italy)
NEUSER Norbert (Germany)
NIEDERMÜLLER Péter (Hungary)
NILSSON Jens (Sweden)
PANZERI Pier Antonio (Italy)
PASCU Ioan Mircea (Romania)
PICULA Tonino (Croatia)
PIRI Kati (Netherlands)
PITTELLA Gianni (Italy)
POST Soraya (Sweden)
REGNER Evelyn (Austria)
On Revault ALLONNES BONNEFOY Christine (France)
RODRIGUES Liliana (Portugal)
RODRIGUES Maria João (Portugal)
SCHLEIN Elena Ethel (Italy)
SCHULZ Martin (Germany)
SIMON Peter (Germany)
SIPPEL Birgit (Germany)
Smolková Monika (Slovakia)
STEINRUCK Jutta (Germany)
TARABELLA Marc (Belgium)
ULVSKOG Marita (Sweden)
VAN BREMPT Kathleen (Belgium)
VIOTTI Daniele (Italy)
Weidenholzer Josef (Austria)
ZALA Boris (Slovakia)
DEMESMAEKER Mark (Belgium)
KAMALL Syed (United Kingdom)
KARIM Sajjad (United Kingdom)
KIRKHOPE Timothy (United Kingdom)
McINTYRE Anthea (United Kingdom)
SWINBURNE Kay (United Kingdom)
TANNOCK Charles (United Kingdom)
ALI Nedzhmi (Bulgaria)
AUŠTREVICIUS Petras (Lithuania)
BEARDER Catherine (United Kingdom)
CAVADA Jean-Marie (France)
Marielle DE SARNEZ (France)
DEPREZ Gérard (Belgium)
DLABAJOVÁ Martina (Czech Republic)
FEDERLEY Fredrick (Sweden)
GOERENS Charles (Luxembourg)
GOULARD Sylvie (France)
HARKIN Marian (Ireland)
HYUSMENOVA Filiz (Bulgaria)
in ‘t VELD Sophie (Netherlands)
JAKOVCIC Ivan (Croatia)
KALLAS Kaja (Estonia)
KYUCHYUK Ilhan (Bulgaria)
LAMBSDORFF Alexander Graf (Germany)
MICHEL Louis (Belgium)
MIHAYLOVA Iskra (Bulgaria)
MLINAR Angelika (Austria)
NART Javier (Spain)
Annemie Neyts-UYTTEBROECK (Belgium)
Norica NICOLAI (Romania)
Pagazaurtundua RUIZ Maite (Spain)
RADOŠ Jozo (Croatia)
REHN Olli (Finland)
SCHAAKE Marietje (Netherlands)
TOOM Yana (Estonia)
TØRNÆS Ulla (Denmark)
Ramon Tremosa i BALCELLS (Spain)
VAJGL Ivo (Slovenia)
Johannes Cornelis van BAALEN (Netherlands)
Cora van NIEUWENHUIZEN (Netherlands)
VÄYRYNEN Paavo (Finland)
WIKSTRÖM Cecilia (Sweden)
ALBIOL GUZMÁN Marina (Spain)
ANDERSON Martina (United Kingdom)
BJÖRK Malin (Sweden)
BOYLAN Lynn (Ireland)
CHRYSOGONOS Kostas (Greece)
COUSO PERMUY Javier (Spain)
Dennis de Jong (Netherlands)
DE MASI Fabio (Germany)
ERNST Cornelia (Germany)
FERREIRA João (Portugal)
GLEZOS Emmanouil (Greece)
HÄNDEL Thomas (Germany)
IGLESIAS Pablo (Spain)
KARI Rina Ronja (Denmark)
KATROUGKALOS Georgios (Greece)
LÓPEZ Paloma (Spain)
Losing Sabine (Germany)
MAŠTÁLKA Jirí (Czech Republic)
MATIAS Marisa (Portugal)
MINEUR Anne-Marie (Netherlands)
OMARJEE Younous (France)
PAPADIMOULIS Dimitrios (Greece)
SAKORAFA Sofia (Greece)
SCHOLZ Helmut (Germany)
SPINELLI Barbara(Italy)
SYLIKIOTIS Neoklis (Cyprus)
VALLINA Ángela (Spain)
Marie-Christine Vergiat (France)
VIEGAS Miguel (Portugal)
ZIMMER Gabriele (Germany)
ZUBER Inês Cristina (Portugal)
Greens / EFA
ALBRECHT Jan Philipp (Germany)
AUKEN Margrete (Denmark)
BUCHNER Klaus (Germany)
CEBALLOS Bodil (Sweden)
CRAMER Michael (Germany)
DELLI Karima (France)
ERIKSSON Peter (Sweden)
GIEGOLD Sven (Germany)
HARMS Rebecca (Germany)
HAUTALA Heidi (Finland)
HEUBUCH Maria (Germany)
JADOT Yannick (France)
JOLY Eva (France)
KELLER Franziska (Germany)
LAMBERT Jean (United Kingdom)
LAMBERTS Philippe (Belgium)
LOCHBIHLER Barbara (Germany)
LUNACEK Ulrike (Austria)
MESZERICS Tamás (Hungary)
REDA Julia (Germany)
Reimon Michel (Austria)
REINTKE Terry (Germany)
SARGENTINI Judith (Netherlands)
SCOTT CATO Molly (United Kingdom)
SEBASTIÀ Jordi (Spain)
ŠKRLEC Davor (Croatia)
TERRICABRAS Josep-Maria (Spain)
URTASUN Ernest (Spain)
VANA Monika (Austria)                                                         LINK :  here 

source .. LINK:  this


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